Taking the cue from the most popular Tuscany Trail, we have studied an extraordinary route taking advantage of the most beautiful paved roads in Tuscany and we have combined all with the philosophy of “unsupported bicycle adventure”. Thus, it is not a race but an adventure, there is no final ranking nor a time limit to get to the destination.

The world of road bicycles is, by its very nature, race-oriented, attentive to sports performance and with the chronometer always in your hand. However, the Tuscany Road drove our cyclists to raise their head thanks to the beauty of Tuscany, slowing their pace to enjoy the sunsets of the Val d’Orcia as well as the sunrises by the sea. Furthermore, we were able to take their energy bars away enticing them with a dish of Pici pasta with garlic and a Florentine steak.


The search for the “perfect” route began back in 2003 and has not been completed yet. A long strip of asphalt will take you to discover Tuscany, a unique region in the world from the cycling point of view. Tuscany is a wonderful region that offers perfect cycling routes increasingly scenic and far from traffic. Every year, participants are offered a track that best embodies the experience of the Tuscany Road. Less and less unnecessary kilometres and more and more concentration of beauty. You will cycle on roads rich in history and culture, through vineyards and dense forests. You will find out that the famous “rolling” hills of Tuscany are not so “rolling” and that there will always be a surprise behind every bend from the start to the finish.


Participating in the Tuscany Road cannot disregard living a real adventure. Dealing with all the kilometers will not be trivial and, certainly, there will be something unexpected. After all, that is precisely what everyone is looking for.
It will be an escape from the daily routine: you will get out of your “comfort zone” and find yourself living whole days with the rhythms dictated by dawn and dusk only. The most adventurous among you will certainly not miss the opportunity to sleep under the starry sky in your tent or just your sleeping bag.


The word “unsupported” must not mislead you. Joining the Tuscany Road means taking part in a first-class organized event. You will be welcomed the day before your departure in a reception area in which you can make friends and become acclimatized to the “Tuscany Road climate”. In the evening, you can sleep in the facility in your own sleeping bag or tent.
On your arrival, you will find volunteer staff who will be proud to welcome you after riding all those kilometers and a place where you can take a shower and sleep (always using your sleeping bag or tent). The facility will be open 24 hours a day until the last participant arrives.
The GPS track provided is the result of months of hard work and contains all the best that Tuscany can offer a cyclist.

old town

As its name suggests, the Tuscany Road takes place in Tuscany. Get ready because you will pass through some of the most beautiful Medieval and Renaissance old towns in the world. You will be immersed in villages where it seems that time stopped in 1500. If you are lucky, you can also attend village festivals with historical commemorations. Among the many old towns you will pass through, we mention Vinci, Florence, San Gimignano, Siena, Radicofani and Pitigliano.


You will come across a succession of beautiful and unique landscapes. A man-made nature of extraordinary beauty. Rows of cypress trees, country houses, medieval villages, Alps, roads dug into the tufa rock, quarries dug into the marble and still the Maremma structures among tombolos and dunes. You will end up on a crystal-clear sea that cools sunny islands.


Forget the energy bars. You will cross a land that is unparalleled in the world from a food-and-wine point of view. Tuscan cuisine consists of traditional dishes and desserts prepared following ancient recipes.
Tuscan people are masters in the preparation of white meat and game without forgetting the famous Florentine steak. You can taste a huge amount of “poor” dishes that do not contain meat such as soups, tomato soup and ribollita soup.
You can eat sandwiches with slices of unsalted bread and salami and cheeses as delicious as the dishes in starred restaurants.
At dinner, you can enjoy the wide range of local wines starting from Chianti. It will be an all-round experience.


You will be the protagonist of the event like all the other participants. During the Tuscany Road, many photographers and video makers will take live photos and videos for the entire duration of the event.


Helmet, lights, respect for the law and the rules of the road. All roads will always be open to traffic along the route. Without safety, there is no fun. We recommend participants not to ride during the night or in unsafe conditions.