The third edition of Tuscany Road will start on September 14th 2019 from Massa (MS) and will end in Capalbio (GR) after having crossed all of Tuscany.

Tuscany Road 2019 will be more than just an experience and, for many of you, it will be the experience that will change the way of approaching the bike forever. The crossing of Tuscany will be an indelible and unique memory that you will bring in for a long time.

provisional data


548 km


1.034 mt


9.300 km


100 %


The road shapes the cyclist. The bicycle turns energy into speed. The gratification of winning a
personal challenge repays all the hard work done on those pedals. Only Tuscany Road allows that.
Over 500 km of route throughout Tuscany, following roads in which nature and history intertwine
with adventure, experienced on that thin wheels that bite the asphalt, immersed in breathtaking

Imagination has no limits: a bicycle, the desire to go beyond, a road without borders and the free gaze on every detail of the landscape, enriching your body with new stimuli and sensations, driven by the beats of the heart beyond your everyday-life thoughts. Dreams seem achievable with just a few more pedal strokes. Wishes and goals take shape and become increasingly real. The bicycle frees your mind and opens it up to new opportunities.

Along the Tuscany Road route, you can also treat yourself to a pleasant break, a stop to enjoy simple food with your fellow travellers, bikers with unknown faces with whom to share your journey and life experiences.
Tuscany Road selects the best routes, the most challenging ones, breathtaking slopes and descents thanks to the surrounding landscape: typical Tuscan villages, where you find the simplicity of the time that stood still at every corner, rows of vines that rhythmically accompany the quiet passage of bicycles, profiles of soft hills that surround the countryside warmed by the sun.

There is no tiredness, but only the effort of a day spent cycling for a wonderful passion.
Enjoying the journey without thinking about the finishing line. Tuscany Road does not calculate time; there are no clocks and orders of arrival. Tuscany Road invites you to live a unique experience, in which every kilometer is a constant adventure. The road does not judge performance; it does not look at technique or style; rather, it is the silent witness of every cyclist who reaches the finishing line following his own personal pace.